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deficits and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. governor romney wants to take us back to those policies. foreign policy that is reckless, economic policies that will not create jobs, will not reduce our deficit will make sure that folks at the top and not have to play by the same rules that you do. i have a different vision for america. i want to build on our strengths. i have put forward a plan to make sure that we will bring manufacturing jobs back to our shores. by rewarding companies and small businesses investing here, not overseas. i want to make sure we have the best education system in the world. retaining our workers -- re training our workers to the jobs of tomorrow. i want to develop oil and natural gas and energy sources of the future. i want to reduce our deficit by cutting spending we do not need but also by asking to do more so we can invest in things like
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research and technology that are the key to a 21st century economy. as commander in chief, i will maintain the strongest military in the world. and go after those who would do us harm. after a decade of war, i think we all recognize the have to do some nation-building. the building our roads, bridges, and especially caring for our veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedom. we have been through tough times. but we always bounce back because of our character. because be put -- pull together. if i had the privilege of being a president for another four years, i promise you i will fight for your families. i will work every single day to make sure that america continues to be the greatest nation on earth. thank you. >> bob, mr. president. good to be with you. i am optimistic about the future. i am excited about our prospects as a nation. i want to see peace.
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i want to see growing peace in this country. it is our objective. we have an opportunity to have real leadership. america will have that kind of leadership and will promote principles of peace that will make the world a safer place. and the people in this country more confident that their future is secure. i also want to make sure we get this economy going. there are two different paths the country can take 31 is represented by the president which bought at the end of four years would mean we would have $20 trillion in debt. i will get us on track to a balanced budget. the president's path will mean continuing declining in take- home pay. i want to make sure it starts to grow. the president's past means 20 million people out of work traveling for a good job theory -- job. i want to get people off of food stamps not by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs. america will come back. for that to happen, we will have to have a program -- president
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that can work across the aisle. i was in a state where my legislator was 87% democrat. i learned how to get along on the other side of the aisle. we have to do that in washington. washington is broken. i know what it takes to get this country back. we will work with democrats and republicans to do that. this nation is the hope of the earth. we have been blessed by having a nation that is free and prosperous, thanks to the contributions of the greatest generation that held a torch for the world to see. a torch of freedom and hope and opportunity. now it is our turn to take that porch. i am convinced we will do it. we need strong leadership. i would like to be that leader with your support. i will work with you and the view in an open and honest way. i ask for your vote. i would like to be the next president of the united states to help and support this next week in this great nation and to make sure we maintain america as the hope of the earth's protective so much. >> gentlemen, thank you so much.
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that brings an end to this year's debates in the want to thank lynn university and its students. i leave you with the words of my mom said, go vote. good night. >> thank you. >> thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012]
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[applause] >> as we continue to watch the scene on the campus of lynn university, our phone lines are open. your reaction to this third and final debate. the focus, for policy. first up, rose, a supporter of mitt romney from nevada.
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good evening. ." >> i wanted to say something about the moderator. been one-sided, i think. i believe in governor romney and i hope people open their eyes and take notice of what's going on in our country. >> thank you for the call. on our twitter page, when you were saying -- and david, dayton, ohio. supporter of the president. >> go ahead.
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host>> i am proud of the presid. he's the best ticket for the united states. of all the company's are shutting down and sabotaging the economy, you cannot expect a turnaround. that is what obama means by the rich helping out more. but these guys are sabotaging the economy. i am in perfect example of [inaudible] [unintelligible] guest: 84 taking my call. -- thank you for taking my call. i think governor romney has won all the debates. i have been out of work since the beginning of this year, trying desperately to get back. i am waiting for a brand new president.
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i believe and i know in my own heart that governor romney will help the middle class. we do not need obama for another four years. has ruined this country and like the second to last caller said, the american people need to wake up. and vote republican for governor romney. >> on our facebook page, an unscientific survey. the focus on foreign-policy. you can weigh in. bonnie determined to avoid it. what does that say about where each camp sees the race.
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an undecided voter of louisiana. host: -- >> they got away from the foreign-policy and they started talking about the domestic economy. i've tried to tie that into what the questions were. i cannot think either candidate stuck with -- they kept going back to the economy. if you do that, i know president obama had a hard time when it came into office but i doubt either can it focused on the question asked. i'm still up in arms about who should really be the president because i did not hear one speaker -- one speak about bank of the. that is what i was looking for. maybe that was the first
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question. >> next up, brittany, louisiana. supporter of the president. good evening. >> i cannot understand how some people can think that obama can change years and years of destruction in one term. i think he needs to have another shot. i'm very proud of him. i support him completely. thank you for taking my call. host: on carper to page -- on our twitter page -- margie joins us from california. a supporter of governor romney. your reaction tonight. caller: i think actions speak louder than words. obama's actions over the last four years has shown what he is capable of with our country.
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if he is elected another four years, our country may not be able to recover. i think mitt romney's actions shows his schools were number one. i think he should be our next president. thank you. host: senator john kerry said this out earlier tonight -- there is this from karl rove -- just some of the comments and reactions come in tonight. nick, undecided from georgia. good evening. caller: nick, please turn the volume down. we want to hear from you. we will move on to brenda from kentucky. supporter of the president. caller: good evening.
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yes, i have watched all three debates and i have thoroughly enjoyed them. i cannot believe people are so naive to believe that the president has not done everything he can in these last four years to make a better america for us. i think obamacare is probably one of the most fantastic kings he has done and has accomplished. i had been a registered nurse for 33 years and i have seen patients go through a lot. this is one of the best accomplishments america has had. host: antony, on our twitter page -- 202 in the area code for this to support the president.
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jim joins us from pennsylvania. good evening. supporter of mitt romney. caller: i think president obama is very sincere. a very likable person. but i am for mitt romney. i think he has a future outlook for the country. obama is a sincere man. he really is. but romney has an outlook for the country. especially tonight with the form policy. i do not think obama is really knowledgeable about foreign policy. he has made some mistakes. economics. host: thank you for the call. from our twitter page --
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we will show you the scene outside of the theater and inside the media filing center where supporters and sarah is for governor romney and president obama gave their own spin from the debate. red for romney supporters and blue for the supporting president obama. an undecided voter from north carolina. good evening. caller: both of them -- president obama and mitt romney failed to say anything about small businesses. what are they going to do a? i serve in the military. i now work for a small business. although my health care they took away -- all of my health
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care they took away. under obama, i will get health care. that is why i like his idea about the military troops. i just did not know which way i will go. >> you have to meet to decide. what would you look for? caller: who will stick to the plate on the military. host: from twitter -- a supporter of the president. good evening. caller: i think obama did very well tonight. out of all three presidential debates, this by far with his strongest. he was extremely presidential. he was direct, to the point. very assertive. he called out mitt romney on some of his equivocations with such prowess that it was almost
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admirable to watch our president continue to defend his policies . have no regret or remorse and that is saying that i will gladly support him. host: frmo john -- next, allen, supporter of governor romney. caller: i think romney did well but i think mr. obama put the rick perry could fight and i honor him deeply. he is a good man. -- put up a good fight and i honor him deeply. he is a good man. thank you. host: the campaign continues tomorrow. the president will have a rally.
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we will have live coverage of his event. governor romney and paul ryan will be in henderson, nevada. live coverage of their campaign at 3:15 eastern time. next, west palm beach, florida. caller: i though governor romney was comfortable talking about the economy. i thought president obama was clearly talking about foreign policy and he did a better dog -- better job of talking about it. i am leaning towards obama because some of the stuff he was pointing out mitt romney has said it into the past. i feel like he will be better fit for the current situation. host: kristin, your city --
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christian, new yourk city. caller: i was a supporter of president obama. he did not do everything he promised for the united states. he's spent so much time on the health care issue which i do not know if universal health care was the answer for the united states. but i feel if he puts all of his passion into whatever he was promising to the debates, we can see a brighter america. i am seeing more of the mitt romney side. i think he might become the next president. host: the white house released a photograph of the vice-president as he watched the debates. courtesy of the white house. next, nancy, from wisconsin.
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supporter of governor romney. caller: i want to let you know that mitt romney was as bright and positive as the future is going to be for the united states. after he becomes our next president. i'm excited about this presidential race. i wish the election were held tomorrow. i've never been so helpful for the future for the united states. i hope we will all be united, democrats, republicans. i am marching for the american flag and sang thank you -- and sayind thank you. host: was there a moment tonight, i take away for you. caller: every single point that he made was strong. the biggest thing i see is uniting all the nations and
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hopefully working and the points he made against the tide not trade was very valid -- the china trade was very valid. 90% of the products are coming from china. i'm excited he is going to make some kind of change with that and i am even more supportive of the pro-life stance he has. i also think that god were given a vote, he would vote for mitt romney all the way. host: deborah from texas, undecided. caller: i really did not know who i want to vote for. i am in the military. i agree with obama more than romney. i feel he has more experience and i want to give him four more
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years to see what he can do. it took 10 years to mess up the economy and everything else. we should of these give him four more years. not after that, ok, let's pick someone else. host: some other, some public officials and journalists. and all of you as well. this is from brent this is bad news for romney. poor performance and lack of vision. good news, no one knows, america has been put to sleep. tell us what you think about this debate. primarily focused on foreign policy of the domestic politics and the economy did come up. sheila to it as, a supporter of the president from arkansas. caller: i am for president obama. to me, governor romney is very undecided. he is one way. he changes his mind very much.
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president obama, he stands behind his word. he does need more time to get everything situated on the bad economy from what president bush has done. people should give him more of a chance to prove what he needs to do. host: this is a scene outside of the building that hosted the debate tonight. david + said the would win the election if it were held tonight -- daivid plouff said we would win the election if it were held now. next caller. caller: i am a mitt romney supporter. i believe he will be better to get us back on the right track. he was talking about china.
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i'm made inventions and tried to get a patented and had china turnaround and because they have no patent laws, sell them at the 99 cents stores. i see what it is doing to the seniors as far as them having to go back to work now. they are taking jobs away from our young kids. their social security is not making it with a need to be. we have a present that is trying but he is just not getting the picture. he has no business background. i have seen what china does. i agree with mitt romney. i am supporting him and hope other people see that we can keep jobs here like he says and we need to build here. not let ty know what on us. thank you very much. caller: all day tomorrow on c- span, you can watch and see how the candidates respond to the date -- to the debate tonight.
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live coverage from the president and vice president biden as a campaign together in dayton, ohio. governor rahm and paul ryan campaign in colorado. that campaign rally -- governor romney and paul ryan campaign in colorado. an unscientific survey on facebook. who you got one the debate tonight. we are streaming live what is happening in this media center. as supporters of the president and governor romney continue to speak to supporters. on our twitter feed -- next, undecided voter comes detroit. caller: thanks.
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i have -- am i on? i am undecided because it takes a long time to get into the mess. the four years obama has is not enough. with mitt romney, i have a concern were he wants to go for more oil. at the same time, and cut back on our technology and avenue is for clean air we have a global warming problem. mitt is good but a few vocal for -- if he will go for coal and oil, and obama wants to go for education and technology, i like them both. i am down the middle. host: on twitter -- the president made a reference to battleship0 as they talked about the size of the u.s. navy in foreign-policy carried here
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is part of the exchange. >> first of all, the sequestered is not something i propose. it is something congress has proposed. it will not happen. the budget we are talking about is not reducing our military spending. is maintaining it. i think governor romney may be had not spent enough time looking at how our military works for you mentioned the navy. and that we had fewer ships them we did in 1916. we also have fewer horses and bayonets. the nature of our military change. we have these things called aircraft carriers were planes land on them. chips that go under water. nuclear submarines. so the question is not a game of battleship where we are counting ships, it is what are our capabilities. so when i sit down with the secretary of the navy and the joint chiefs of staff, we determine how are we going to be best able to meet all our defense needs in a way that also keeps with our troops and make
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sure our veterans have the support they need when they come home. that is not reflected in the kind of budget you are putting forward to read it just does not work. host: earlier tonight in boca raton. a live picture now inside of the theater. a caller from los angeles. good evening. caller: bible like to touch bases on the foreign-policy issue. -- i would like to touch base this on the foreign-policy issue. mitt romney make a statement about having backbone than later he states that he wants to work with china. he wants to deal with pakistan. when china wants to undermine our economy by selling cheap [unintelligible] and pakistan is gearing up for work. i think we need a president who is straight forward on things. not turn the hand of the dice.
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host: thank you. we are getting your reaction to the debate tonight. daniel says -- at the bottom of the hour, we will replay the debate. we will have a chance to you to weigh in on a live in the work chat. from 11:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. eastern. caller: good evening. i am a couple months short but at the fed in my mind, i support mitt romney -- but as it stand in my mind, i support mitt romney. when i get out of college four
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years or eight years from now. i've wanted be able to find a job. i -- it does not seem i will be able to do so the way things have been going. i would like to caution any parents out there listening to this right now to think about your children before you go into the voting booth. i'm afraid i will not be able to support a family later in life because i will not have a job. thank you for your time. host: and where are you going to school? caller: been pleading all night and sharing information from the instant poll. this according to cbs, the president's 53% and the governor romney 23%, 24% calling it a tie. the sample size is 4%. -- the sample size is 521 with a margin of error 4%.
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>> i am very concerned with what is going on in our economy and southwest louisiana. we recently lost a prison that severed 300 workers without jobs and without any opportunities. there are no job opportunities here. i have sons that are looking for jobs and they won't be able to have jobs. we are having to support more than one family. all of this reduced income coming in. medical bills are extremely outrageous with obama care coming in. the insurance we have been offered through our jobs as more expensive, pays for less. underneath obama, the lower middle class is getting no better. hopefully with what mr. romney has said, we will get out of this and hopefully that is -- >> who are you going to vote
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for? >> i was very undecided and at this point in time, i am looking at governor romney for being our new president. >> was there something from the debate tonight, a moment that you take away? >> the last three debates, weighing what president obama has said over and over that he is going to do for our country, and how we have not benefited in louisiana and southwest texas. unemployment is drastic in this area. food stamps are not able to support the families. unemployment, you only have it for so long. there is no hope inside. children happen to move back home.
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it is hard. it is very hard for one person to be able to support. >> thank you for the call. remarkable that this was a debate on foreign policy but your callers don't seem to realize that with many of you phoning and on the economy in domestic issues which did come up in debate tonight. so did the topic of israel and iran. >> first of all, i want to say the same point the president made, if i am president of the united states, when i am president of the united states, i will stand with israel. we have their back. and not just diplomatically, but militarily. with regard to iran, there is no question that a nuclear capable iran is unacceptable to
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americans. it presents a threat to us to have iran with nuclear weapons. it is also essential for us to understand what our mission is, to dissuade iran from having a nuclear weapon. the crippling sanctions are something i called for five years ago, speaking -- i laid out seven steps. you're seeing it right now in the economy. i put it in place earlier, it is good that we have them. i would say that the ships that carry iranian oil can't come into our ports. ships could not and companies that are moving their oilcan. i would tighten those sanctions earlier. i would take on diplomatic isolation efforts.
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i would remember it -- make sure that ahmadenijad would be indicted. his words about the genocide. -- amount to genocide. we need to increase pressure time and time again on iran because anything other than a solution to this which stops the nuclear folly of theirs is unacceptable to america. a military action is a last resort, something bad someone would -- something that someone would only consider if we tried to our fullest extent. >> outside the university at the theater, a school founded 50 years ago to over 2100 students, a small, liberal arts and private education institution. we will get your calls and
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reactions. on the phone from jackson, michigan. a supporter of the president. >> i support president barack obama and i think he has done a wonderful job. he hasn't had enough years to straighten up everything that was so messed up when he came into office. mitt romney, i have been following his campaign and i have caught him with too many lies. i won't forget about bain. if he is so concerned about people having a job, why did he let those people go? >> a supporter of gov. robb may, go ahead. >> how're you doing today? >> we are doing okay, go ahead with your comment. >> both sides promise all this, all that.
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but people don't realize these guys can't do anything without congress's approval. they promise all this and when it goes to congress, if they don't approve it, they have not accomplished anything. people medicare program, better be careful what they're going to do because he is fixing to put everybody under the carpet with that. >> a great debate tonight, obama has and will lead our country to a prosperous future. good evening. >> good evening. >> are you undecideds? >> undecided. all the debates, i have enjoyed them. my question is, there is part of the middle east that surprises america with a lot of oil.
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any of those good countries, almost alienating them to the point where they get the oil supply off. i believe we'll stop rolling on the streets here. i enjoyed the debates, thank you. >> next is a supporter of the president from moscow, idaho. >> i would like to say that obama needs more time, and it is not necessarily up to the president. it is up to congress. if we don't vote right for congress, the president can't do anything. i personally don't want to live in a country where romney is president. >> who won the debate?
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it is not a scientific survey, but the president with just over 3000 people saying that he won the debate compared to governor romney which is just over 1300 people saying he won. from clearwater, florida, good evening. >> i keep thinking obama one is because i don't know, romney sounded more like obama and less like himself. backing down a little bit. i am wondering if he is flip-f lopping. if he is the same guy that he was during the primary. at leastking maybe he's -- to be more in favor of things woen woul -- women would
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want. he is sounding more like obama. >> thank you. dylan has a different point of view. watch the debate and i think that romney took the debate. we can't afford obama four more years. next is john from hawaii. an undecided voter. >> i was disappointed with the president. i was looking for him to lay out his strategy on foreign policy and i found him to be the jimmy carter of our generation. especially when he brought up that he only went to israel -- i wanted to hear that he went as a president. >> good evening, a supporter of the president. the >> tower you doing? i am wondering, how can people
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support a person that comes up with the plan that has no details? and not only that, we think about a person that can say to forget about the 47%. i am afraid to have a country run by a person that treated like a business. i think we need to remember that and continue to vote for the president. >> all he said was that the current foreign policies are good. where was the debate? a supporter joining us from henderson, ky. >> i am a veteran, i served in the army and iraq. obama wants to cut the military budget, which i don't understand how anybody would not want to support that.
11:12 pm
thanks. >> obama 14 rio, and debra says that the president clearly won the debate. romney is not presidential material. it's like he wants to start another war. >> you are on the air. >> i thought that governor romney did an excellent job today. very presidential. the main point was the comment -- our family has felt that we are not being protected as a nation. our borders are open, and the issues that were discussed tonight on foreign policy, i felt that romney is going to get my vote for sure on those points.
11:13 pm
he would protect our nation and to not have daylight between us, that has been an issue that is hard way in on the american public's heart. i appreciate you letting me visit. >> thanks for the call. during the debate season, we have asked you to watch and engage. he will have the chance to clip and share video from tonight's debate. sue is on the phone, a supporter of the president. good evening. >> i mostly would like to question a cause for obama, i am really conservative republican state. my question is, romney says he works well when he was governor.
11:14 pm
his congress -- he did not mention about any vote. they were overridden by the godless. >> thanks. we're following what some of your sang. at each debate, big bird, binders, and bats. governor mitt romney on the phone from houston, texas. >> romney would be a great president for the future, the next four years. i will vote for him. i believe that his business
11:15 pm
decisions that he has planned for the united states of america, he has been a spirited man. he has the intelligence we need to leave our country, and i believe in that in my heart. he will be the best man. >> and undecided voters, the evening to you. >> i was undecided until watching this debate. what i saw in obama tonight was presidential. what i heard was real leadership. i appreciated the fact he was straightforward. what i heard from governor romney was a parrot. i have a major concern with the man that wants to run the united states like a business. we don't need a gentleman running it like a business, we need a real politician. i am voting for obama as of what
11:16 pm
i have heard tonight. dr. david, tonight's debate was the tie-breaker for you? >> i had not decided either way, but the simple fact of the matter was that tonight i sought a president to being presidential. i was able to identify with his strength taking leadership outside of the united states. i think he has the ability to lead in this country as well. i was truly undecided until this debate. >> who did you vote for four years ago? >> obama. >> the vice president weighing in tonight. who won the debate? join us at caroline is on the phone, a
11:17 pm
supporter of the president. >> my name is carolyn. that's ok. tonight was the best of the bay of all three. i am voting again for this election. i don't understand how you can vote for a candidate where every time you talk to him, his story changes. and not to play the race card, but i think people don't want another black president. it's not even about that. he was to attack the poor people. why not invest in the country that you pretend to love? i have full confidence in barack obama. tonight, he showed me even more strength than he has also in the past years. go barack obama.
11:18 pm
>> mark miller keeps track of all sorts of numbers at the white house. the highest tweet count 105,767 as the president said "we have fewer horses and bayonettes." good evening, jodie. >> i thought the debate was great. as far as romney, i will vote for him. at the last four years have been horrible. you can see it on people's faces. >> and what is your own take away? >> i thought he was very presidential. we need change. it is not working out. president obama's policies are
11:19 pm
not working. when i hear him speak, i see someone that is like a puppet. it just doesn't work for me. >> chris is on the phone, and undecided voter. >> i believe none of the candidates actually have a way to balance the budget. we are right now about $16 trillion or $17 trillion in debt, and if a person at a bank account, you are $16 trillion overdrawn, what do you think would happen to you? i believe the federal reserve has to be put in order. they cannot balance the checkbook at all. that will be the focus. >> account of the numbers tweets, 6.5 million, but the
11:20 pm
tabulations continue. the president already back at his hotel tonight. he is on the campaign trail tomorrow. also governor romney on the campaign trail in henderson, nevada. here on c-span and on c-span radio. and next is darlene, a supporter of the president. >> i am voting for obama hands down. that man cannot fix eight years of what bush did in four years. we are middle-class, ok? with obama, he is telling us --
11:21 pm
helping us, romney will go for the rich. >> once again, mitt romney showed us he is the leader this country needs. it can't afford four more years. from virginia beach. go ahead. you are on the air. >> [indiscernible] i believe mitt romney has been -- hello? >> please go ahead. >> we will have to move on. if you turn the volume down, we will continue. >> [indiscernible] i believe he will bring the
11:22 pm
country to greatness. we need a president at this moment and mitt romney can lead this country to greatness. >> austin joining us from pacific grove, california. go ahead. >> how's it going? >> please go ahead. >> i'm a senior in high school. i am a little shy of being able to vote. i agree with obama on his stance about the armed forces. romney want to tackle the issues head-on, but history tends to repeat itself all the time. the only issue is that the cold war is over. we need to diplomatically deal with our issues. also ensuring that we -- our nation is exhausted from a
11:23 pm
decade of war. there will be some sort of policing on our part. i don't think either candidate has the perfect solution. it is hard to pinpoint what strategies we need to follow on. thank you for accepting my call. >> if you were able to vote this year, who would you vote for? >> that is hard to decide. what is falling on the campaign, i think i have to romney. but i disagree with his foreign- policy. >> you're 17? when did you start following politics? >> my mother and father worked for the federal government so i have been following it since middle school. probably since i was 10 years old. >> thank you for joining us from pacific grove, california. retweeting a tweet by james
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carville. if this was a little league baseball game, they would have called it early. supporter of the president, good evening. >> i feel like obama's plans are going to take longer and he needs more time to be successful. i believe he should have four more years. >> gloria saying it was striking that obama again failed to offer a vision for a second term. heidi is on the phone from san diego. >> i think that he will be the next president that we need. i do resent people saying it's about race. it has nothing to do about race. the 90% of the colors happen to
11:25 pm
be african-american. for them to say that have is -- is contradictive. for people to say that he has not made his comments, he has been very clear all along. obama is a dictator. he will turn this country into a dictatorship or a socialist country. we are american. romney has my vote 100%. >> thanks for the call. cnn has the president winning with 48%, romney at 40%. i think obama did a great job in this debate, he has my vote. if you can also talk to us at most of you saying at the moment that the president won the debate tonight. craig is undecided.
11:26 pm
>> my personal opinion, i think obama is in over his head. he has advisers around him, people telling him what to say. i don't think he feels truly about what he says in the debate. mitt romney speaks from the heart and has the best interest of the country at hand. he has my vote now. >> shirley, a supporter of the president? >> i would like to say god bless america. i am so proud of president barack obama. when romney is asked questions, he looks like a man that can't take pressure. he has no idea how to balance the budget. this is not about black and white, rich or poor.
11:27 pm
people through health care, why america is the greatest country in the world. people wake up, this is barack obama's time to take us to the next level. now he can bring us out of this is all we are in and take us out of it. god bless america. >> four more years of failure? no obama. on the phone, tallahassee florida. you are on the air, go ahead. we will move on to market is from virginia. if you get through, turn the volume down on your television set. >> i am on the air? >> yes, you are. >> i wanted to say that the
11:28 pm
callers seemed to be uninformed , including the mentioning of garrett johnson, it is an option for undecided voters. there are people that are really in need of these candidates, not doing anything for the country. it is pretty obvious, they are not sincere, especially romney. obama -- i think there are good aspects about him, but the majority is not somebody that can -- he has too many personal interests and lobbyists. >> a number of you mentioning the third party candidates including gary johnson. tomorrow evening, we will have live coverage of the third party
11:29 pm
presidential debate. the only network showing you the third party speeches by the nominees including gary johnson and jill stein. watching the debate here on c- span and c-span radio. you're next. >> i think everyone needs to quit looking at color and listen to what each candidate needs to say. romney is confused. he doesn't know what he is going for, and i think we need to vote for obama. >> ronnie understands foreign- policy, it is still poorly abroad, no thanks to obama. christie joining us from illinois. >> yes. >> go ahead, christie. >> first of all,

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